I'm going to JavaOne 2017 from 30th Sep to 6th Oct


I’m going to San Francisco from 30th Sep to 6th Oct to participate in JavaOne Conference 2017. This is the third time to join JavaOne from Japan.

I will go to AppDev Appetizers and Drinks on Oct 1st and JCP Party & Awards Ceremony on Oct 2nd. When you see Japanese alone, probably it’s me. I would like to talk with world wide Java developers, but I’m shy. So please talk to me!

My dream is to eat dinner with people from many different countries and cultures. I’m JUG Leader in Japan and I’ve talked with some Java Champions in the world. So if you could eat dinner in SF with me, please contact me via Twitter(@jyukutyo) in English.

This is me! github.com

How can we become a Java Champion?

A few days ago, there was a topic “How a JUG Leader can become a Java Champion?” In JUG mailing list. I talked about that with some Java Chamions in JOnsen conference. So I write about this topic.

What is a Java Champion?

The official web page explains:

The Java Champions are an exclusive group of passionate Java technology and community leaders who are community-nominated and selected under a project sponsored by Oracle.

Space: Java Champions | Oracle Community

Java Champion” is like a title of honor, I think. Java Champions can take part in special events, for example, before JavaOne they have a event in Oracle HQ and they are told about an overview of JavaOne of the year.

JetBrains provides IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate for Java Champions freely.

Java Champions Get IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate for Free | IntelliJ IDEA Blog

Champions can use a champion logo. It is in this page.

Space: Java Champions | Oracle Community

Who is a Java Champion?

The name of Java Champions are published on this web page.

Java Champion Bios | Oracle Community

I counted. There are over 200 champions in the world.

How can we become a Java Champion?

See below.


Nominees are named and selected through a peer review process.

A candidate needs to be named from a Java Champion. In review, if all champions who vote for this review agree with that, you can become a new Java Champion.

In Japan

In Japan, we have two Java Champions. I feel it is not enough. Most Japanese don’t use English, so champions can’t see candidates in Japan. “Visibility” is very important. You know I am a JUG leader in Japan, so I continue to publish information about Java on this blog using English!

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